All About Us

What We Do… The Point is a women’s non-profit organization dedicated to supporting local groups in the low country that focus on the needs of less fortunate women and children, those suffering the anguish of ill health, and those who are striving to repair the structure of their family. The Point offers financial support to the community by coordinating fundraising events and providing service by volunteering their time and talents. From its members, The Point requires participation, dedication, and desire, and in return provides fellowship, fun, and flexibility while responding to the needs of organizations and individuals in crisis.

Why We Do It… To promote and empower women in all phases of life, including education and general living. To assist women in the endeavor to be free from all forms of oppression. To encourage other women to help make a difference in their community.

Who We Help… The Point has supported Hollings Cancer CenterBarrier Island Medical Clinic, LEAP Low Country Equine-assisted Psychotherapy, My Sister’s House, Simply Divine GardensHabitat for Humanity, Lowcountry Firefighter Support Team, and several individual families through members’ contributions, community supported events, corporate sponsorships, and donations in kind. Since 2006, The Point has contributed more than $250,000 and countless volunteer hours. To date, our group has been able to donate 90% of all monies raised. This year’s benefactors will be Barrier Island Free Medical Clinic, Meals on WheelsLEAP, Lowcountry Firefighters Support Team, My Sisters House,  and Fight for Hope.

Who We Are… A group of 35 dedicated women serving our community.

Board Members

  • President – Kelly Carroll
  • Vice President – Babs Ambrose
  • Treasurer – Beth Henry
  • Secretary – Bernie Kennedy
  • Claire Richardson
  • Jan Fox
  • Lyla Ambrose
  • Ann Bragg
  • Lois Gray
  • Lisa Friar


  • Barbara Ambrose
  • Phyllis Barber
  • Patricia Bisceglia
  • Molly Bisceglia
  • Karen Carter
  • Jill Cheney
  • Janis Coe
  • Jennifer Hartig
  • Dawn Howenstein
  • Diane Kalota


  • Suzy Mayo
  • Joyce Means
  • Laura Monroe
  • Shay Monroe
  • Connie Moylan
  • Tricia Odle
  • Ashley Richardson
  • Patti Ruth
  • Sandy Villarreal


  • Sara Villarreal
  • Kitsy Wise